In 2017 , NYBSG will actively participate in two initiatives: utility rate reform at the Public Service Commission (PSC); and, organic waste diversion for beneficial use:

  • Governor Cuomo announces plan to reduce methane emissions 40% by 2030.  
    • NYBSG will advocate for:
      • methane elimination to be valued in PSC's REV rate structure
      • effective & economical policy initiatives to deploy & accelerate biogas development in ALL sectors
        • agriculture
        • merchant-type treatment facilities
        • municipal resource recovery systems 
  • Letter to Governor Cuomo (4/27/2017) regarding current & future conditions in the dairy ADG sector citing needed fixes to REV
  • PSC REV proceedings. NYBSG is representing anaerobic digestion/CHP. Read our extensive comments on the future of net metering and proper compensation for distributed energy producers. Here is a summary of our comments and our platform for industry growth:
    • Biogas power is stable, reliable baseload renewable power with a central role to play in achieving REV goals
      • Over 210 MW of potential
      • 75% to 90% capacity factors
      • The ability to assist with active network management
      • WWTP & organic solid waste are key players in renewable power, GHG reduction & grid resiliency
    • NYBSG calls on the PSC to:
      • Set a minimum electric rate of $0.12/kWh
      • Stimulate investment in energy efficiency & biogas power production at WWTP
      • Harness the latent energy in organic waste
      • Conduct a study to set economically viable rates for ALL biogas / CHP sectors
      • Create three special “Tiers” for biogas power
      • Modify community net metering & foster business model innovations
    • NYBSG comments on NYC draft rule on diverting organic waste to beneficial use ( Local Law 146 of 2013) is here.
    • Webinar, Jan. 7, 2016. Biogas Development in NYS: Drivers of Change, Opportunities to Prosper. Slides & replay here.

For reference material on biogas technology & its applications, use this link.